Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It all started with a couple phone calls and a good idea. Add a big pile of wood, some freshly cut cedar trees and pick-up trucks to the equation and you get a night in the country with some good food, a nice fire and the best company anyone could ever ask for.

Yes sir, you guessed correctly, it was bonfire time at my house. Dunnahoo sat with his camera ready as Bob and I depleted the cedar tree population in Auburntown Tennessee.

"Don't you need a permit to do that? Forget the fire, you're cutting down trees!!!" No sir, it's not like we have a shortage and when you live somewhere in-between Woodbury and a place called Auburntown no body really cares what you do.

These pictures were no "disposable camera accident." They are the handywork of skilled photographer Mr. John Dunnahoo.

As the stray car drove by I'm sure they admired our masterpiece of a 15ft bonfire. Ladies and gentlemen that right there is a picture of a successful Royal Ambassador Alumni building a fire, minus the string and stopwatch, of course.

The reaction above is the result of adding 6 feet of Blackcats to a fire. It was probably the best idea I've ever heard of.

The above are from when we decided to do a Fire Worship Dance, Old Testament Style... or not; but they are the other half of the tree cutting duo and a chair we found... and burned after it served it's purpose for a short time.

And finally a conclusion to a perfect evening. Six hours of fire warmth, star gazing, and the entire Double Disc Garth Live CD. I don't think it gets much better.

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jon arnold said...

no, the pictures were not worth having a swollen foot for two weeks. :)

man, you guys listened to the whole garth live set? i'm jealous!