Saturday, June 30, 2007

So, I've decided that blogging isn't just for "important" discussions... sometimes it's just for "life."
I've got a beautiful blessing in my life named Abby and a couple weeks back I got to go to the beach with her family. I thought I'd share a couple pictures with the blogging world.

A day in Seaside where Truman Show was filmed. It really looks just the same in real life.

Baytown Wharf one evening.

NO, they are not capri pants... just rolled up to not get sandy (just in case you were thinking that...)

The ladies... (Abs, her mom, Megan, and sister, Rachel)

Jon, David, Lynn (the dad) and myself

One of those things I get easily talked into doing...

Jon and Rach

And finally another one of those pics you can't leave the beach without...

The Lord is good. It's nice to live life know that I can see him outside the church walls. Maybe even in vacations. He is a tangible God who is faithful to his promises and is infinitely more valuable than we could ever imagine.


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Lauren said...

Wow Justin. Y'all look great together as always. Glad you had a great Vacation!