Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Steriods: Who's to blame?

So Barry is in big trouble now. Someone is throwing allegations that he somehow used steroids to double his physical size at 37 years of age and break sacred home run records. I was terribly surprised and didn't know how to handle myself, really.

But my question is: Who is to blame for this? Our kids (well not "my kids" but figuratively speaking so...)are being influenced by a "role model" who shouldn't even be influencing a Flintstone character.

I think this started way before bonds, though. I don't think he is solely to blame for the steroid problem in sports today. We have to look back further and deeper into our cultural roots for that.

I think we have to look here!

That's right folks. Mario is to blame for our problems in sports today. You don't agree? Let's look at the very visible evidence!

He needs to grow a little bit to overcome an enemy? What is his remedy? Go train and practice and do it honestly and naturally? NO! He simply bangs his head on a block and consumes one of these!

Then he magically transforms into a larger, more powerful version of himself. It is absolutely ludicrous.

What kind of example is this setting for our children?!?!

So, it is only natural for poor little Barry to follow his own personal role models when he needs to grow a little bit.

I bet poor Barry was influenced at a young age. Here is the worst evidence of all!

What are we going to do?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Teddy Bear company, based out of Beverly Hills California, has produced a talking Jesus action figure. I promise the toys are real and you can pick one up at one of 400 local Wal-marts across the nation.

Click here and read it for yourself.

Some folks are saying "anything that teaches kids about religion is good" and others "it trivializes Christianity." My question is, what else does it do? Yeah, a child can pull a string and hear a Bible story from a 12' inch plastic Jesus, but bad decisions always have side effects and I know this one is bound to. Doesn't this little dude break a commandment or something?

Where could I send my design for a 5 x 7 budah?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Justin Taylor posted this on his blog. I love examples like this where people have thought through their faith enough love someone around them instead of seperating themselves.

For the last couple of years on Halloween I've posted an excerpt of this great post from Tim Challies, and I'll do so again:

I am guessing my neighbourhood is all-too-typical in that people typically arrive home from work and immediately drive their cars into the garage. More often than not they do not emerge again until the next morning when they leave for work once more. We are private, reclusive people who delight in our privacy. We rarely see our neighbors and rarely communicate with them. . . . In the six years we have been living in this area, we have never once had a neighbor come to the door to ask for anything. . . .

Yet on Halloween these barriers all come down. I have the opportunity to greet every person in the neighbourhood. I have the opportunity to introduce myself to the family who moved in just down the row a few weeks ago and to greet some other people I have not seen for weeks or months. At the same time, those people's children will come knocking on my door. We have two possible responses. We can turn the lights out and sit inside, seeking to shelter ourselves from the pagan influence of the little Harry Potters, Batmans and ballerinas, or we can greet them, gush over them, and make them feel welcome. We can prove ourselves to be the family who genuinely cares about our neighbours, or we can be the family who shows that we want to interact with them only on our terms. Most of our neighbors know of our faith and of our supposed concern for them. This is a chance to prove our love for them. ...

Read the rest of the article http://www.theologica.blogspot.com"> here.