Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rhythmic Life
(Originally posted May 26th, 2006)

Walking while Chris Martin soothes my thinking mind with lyrics speaking of “igniting bones” and I’m counting in beats of four... the beat does not match up and I find myself disgruntled. Then realizing the song is not written in counts of four, but counts of three. So, mid-stride… I adjust.

Sometimes life falls into this… We’re walking along counting in what we did last season or what we assume the count should be only to realize things are suddenly off beat. This takes a slight mid-stride adjustment then things are brought back together and one wonders why they spent so long on the three count when the four was right in front of them.

“To dance in the rhythm of King Jesus”

Not walk, not abide, not think, not believe, not sing… but to DANCE in the rhythmic life that is lived inside of Christ Jesus alone.

To Dance: To move rhythmically, usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.

What’s your rhythm?
What are you dancing to?
Are you dancing at all?

What does it mean to “dance in the rhythm of King Jesus?”

That’s beautiful language

- JV

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